I used to wake up sleepy and sometimes depressed, but now I wake up 5 days a week with a smile on my face. When my alarm clock goes off the first thing I hear is the Senior Bodyguard show beginning and I instantly am in a good mood first thing in the morning. I look forward to listening to his show every day!
Geoff "the senior bodyguard" Scott saved me from losing 3400 dollars in a scam. He is truly the senior bodyguard of seniors around the world!
Geoff not only took care of seniors with his home care company, but now he protects us too. I wouldn't trust anyone else as my protector.
We are truly blessed to have a radio show just for us seniors! Education, protection and lots of laughter! How can we go wrong with the Senior Bodyguard?
I saw the Senior Bodyguard speak and I was amazed at his top ten scam list. Lots of great information; I feel a lot safer!
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