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Geoff Scott is the CEO of Friends of the Family Home Health Care and The Senior Bodyguard, co-host of the nationally-syndicated Senior Moments Radio Show.

Geoff did not enter the field of home health care or become a radio personality because he thought it would be the road to riches or because Forbes Magazine said that the home health care industry was the #1 industry of the future.

Geoff says, “I wanted to protect senior citizens out there in any way I could. I came into this business because it is my passion to look out for older adults. My own grandmother was beaten and abused in a nursing home, so my mission is a very personal one.”

Geoff Scott’s professional journey began far from the healthcare field. In his twenties, Geoff trained as a U.S. Army Paratrooper which led to a position with the Presidential Honor Guard. After serving for several years at Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon and The White House, Geoff was appointed to serve as the personal bodyguard for the Saudi Royal Family during their visits to the United States.

The next step in Geoff’s journey was to serve as Deputy Sherriff on an emergency response team. It was during that time in his life that Geoff began moonlighting as well-known WWF Wrestler Blazing Brett Tyler. After a serious back injury, Geoff’s career in the WWF and in law enforcement came to an end.

While recuperating from his back injury and learning firsthand about good and bad caregiving from a patient’s perspective, Geoff decided to make a bold career move—he went to nursing school to become a surgical nurse. He soon thrived in the hands-on health care environment but sought to make even more of a difference, especially in the lives of the elderly. It was this desire that led him to start Friends of the Family Home Health Care in 2005.